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Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget

January 23, 2013

Baby Shower on a BudgetParties are so much fun, especially baby showers. But, the tiny details that make the day memorable often come attached to a healthy price tag that can send you soaring over your party budget before you know it. Before planning your next shower, here are some baby shower ideas on a budget to help save you money.

The age-old concept of “two are better than one” definitely applies to your baby shower planning endeavors. After all, if two or three friends work together to not only plan the party but share the costs, the day will often be far more enjoyable and budget-friendly than going it alone.

Save money on baby shower invitations by printing your own. The Inviting Company offers high-quality, trendy stationery you can customize at home. Companies like and offer very low cost short-run printing options. Opt for postcard printing to save money on postage. Or, you can eliminate postage all-together by using a service such as

High-volume membership clubs offer affordable options for finger foods, so visit them first before placing an order at your local grocery store. Make your own vegetable and fruit trays using seasonal vegetables from a local farmers market – it’s far less expensive than having your grocer prepare one for you. Another baby shower idea for those on a budget is to follow up with guests who haven’t responded to assure you don’t spend more on food than necessary.

Get an inexpensive flower arrangement from your local farmers market. Certain grocery stores and co-ops also offer flower assortments very reasonably. Even better–select party favors which double as decorations. For instance, chocolate flowers can be placed in a decorative vase, then given to guests to commemorate the day.

While party retailers are wonderful and certainly have their place, don’t overlook your local dollar store and area thrift stores for low-cost party decorations and party favors. Dollar stores often beat their party store competitor’s prices by at least half. Thrift stores are often chock-full of unique items for baby, the new parents or for party guests. Also visit for low-cost party favors and door prizes.

The last baby shower idea for those on a budget is to visit sites like and offer free, downloadable baby shower games your guests will enjoy.

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