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Balancing Bills and Saving for College

February 6, 2013

Finding Ways to Save for CollegeA recent study commissioned by Gerber Life confirms that parents with young children find it difficult to save for college. They identify two main reasons — mortgage/rent payments and general household bills.

What’s a parent to do? Stop stressing and do what you can.  Finding ways to save for college, even a little bit each month, can add up to a lot of money over time. The secret is getting started early and committing to a regular schedule for saving.

For example, with the Gerber Life College Plan, if you’re able to set aside about $1.25 a day — roughly the cost of a daily cup of coffee — you could save $10,000 for college in 18 years. The sooner you start saving for college with the Gerber Life College Plan, the more money you can accumulate.

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