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Self-Reflection: Help Your Child Find Confidence From Within

March 12, 2015

Confident ChildWhen it comes to self-esteem it is essential to receive external encouragement and inspiration, but feelings of pride and success also need to radiate from within. There are lots of creative ways you can help your child find inner confidence. Following are some activities you can do together to create a positive self-image. Depending on how old your child is, you can simply direct these crafts, or you can talk through what she wants to write and be a scribe.

  • Create a self-affirmation jar: Work with your child to make a jar or box filled with notes about how special he is. This will be particularly impactful if your child comes up with each note on his own.
  1. Decorate a jar or box with inspirational quotes, artwork, or glitter and colored paper.
  2. Cut or tear strips of paper and write one inspirational thing on each. (For example: “I am great at math,” “I am helpful to my mom and dad,” “No one is just like me,” “I am proud of what a good friend I am,” etc.
  3. Fold the slips of paper and place them into the container.
  4. Whenever your child needs a “pick me up,” select a note and read it out loud to reinforce these exceptional qualities.
  • Craft an autobiography: Collaborate together on your child’s autobiography filled with accomplishments large and small. Have your child recount stories of things he or she has done, challenges overcome, and successes or learning experiences. Then preserve your story by turning it into a construction paper book that you laminate once finished. When your child needs a boost, read the story to help underscore her growth and unique contributions to your family and the world.
  • Draw a self-portrait: Encourage your child to paint, draw, or create a self-portrait that illustrates who he is and any interests or passions he has. Consider first looking – online or in books – at other self-portraits for inspiration. Talk about the significance of using art to express his love for himself as he draws what makes him unique. Download our self-portrait activity for more ideas about this confidence-boosting activity.

Show your child that self-confidence is within him or her. Be sure to give your child verbal and tangible ways – such as these enrichment activities – to learn and believe that he or she is extraordinary

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