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Nature Crafts for Kids: Bringing the Outside In

October 24, 2012

Parent and Child Making Fall WreathAs more people become environmentally conscious, the demand for green activities increases. Fortunately, there are ways to practice green living in nearly every aspect of daily life. For example, when working on crafts with your children, consider making nature crafts for kids, which are crafts made from products that occur naturally in the environment.

Grow a Name

With a few wheat berry seeds and a baking pan, you can create a craft that any child will enjoy. Simply soak the wheat berry seeds overnight in water, arrange the seeds in moist potting soil in the shape of your child’s name and watch them grow! Within only a few days, the seeds will begin to sprout.

Stick Picture Frames

To make a stick picture frame, tie four cinnamon sticks in the shape of a frame with twine or raffia. Construct the frames background using a piece of burlap or parchment. To create the hanger for the frame, use the tab from a can of soda pop. Stick picture frames can be used with any picture, but they are well-suited for photos of camping trips or nature hikes.

Fall Wreaths

You can make a fall wreath with your children out of materials you find on a nature walk. Suitable items include pinecones, acorns, fall leaves and other natural materials. Place all items in a 200-degree oven for 45 minutes to kill any insects that may be living in them. Next, use ribbons to hang the pinecones you collected in the center of a hay wreath. Attach leaves to the wreath using a hot glue gun, and add a large bow to finish off the project.

Nature crafts for kids can be fun, inexpensive, and most importantly can teach your kids valuable lessons about being environmentally friendly.

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