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When you left the hospital to take your newborn home for the first time, you may have hoped that the baby bag contained some kind of manual giving parental advice on how to handle the next 18-plus years. Then you remembered that babies don't come with a set of instructions for parents on how to teach a child values, resolve a conflict with a sibling or help a child study for an upcoming test. Our tips for parents can help prepare you for various situations, as well as provide ideas for activities that you can enjoy as a family.

  1. DIY Craft: How to Make a Birdhouse from an Eggnog or Milk Carton

    December 25, 2015

    Mother and daughter making birdhouseHelp your child prepare a “welcome home” for the birds next spring with this fun DIY craft – making a birdhouse from an empty eggnog or milk carton.

    This project requires saving in advance some empty eggnog, milk or juice cardboard cartons. Use a half-gallon size for a roomier abode. After the carton is empty, wash it well with soapy water, drain, and dry thoroughly. If the carton has a pouring spout, be sure to save the cap; it’s a good idea to keep extra, pre-cleaned cartons on hand, just in case.

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  2. The Art of Letter-Writing for Kids

    December 24, 2015

    12.7.15-writing-letter-blogpreviewUntil recently, writing a letter – handwritten or typed – was a primary way for keeping in touch with loved ones, or even anybody. Today’s advancements in communications technology provide many other ways to do so, which unfortunately has meant that writing a letter sometimes falls by the wayside.

    Nevertheless, writing a letter still has its place and its advantages, including showing that one knows how to show politeness, respect, appropriate etiquette, knowledge and education, and/or warmth and especial regard for a person. Sometimes writing a letter still can make a difference in social circles and in landing a new job.

    Do your kids know how to write a letter?

    Our accompanying infographic breaks down the components of letter-writing for kids, including the five parts of a friendly letter and how to address an envelope.


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  3. Holiday Traditions Around the World

    December 23, 2015

    Gerber-Life-Slide-1-SlideShare-December-GV-9-11-15Year-end holiday celebrations may involve traditions specific to your family or town or region or country. They provide a wonderful opportunity for teaching children about their heritage – and about holiday traditions around the world.

    Flip through the following images with your child for a glimpse of some holiday traditions in other parts of the globe.

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  4. A Simple Indoor Activity for Winter: How to Make Moldable Sand

    December 15, 2015

    Children packing a pail with sandThis winter when you are snowed-in with a house full of kids, channel some summertime fun into this easy-to-do, indoor activity that will have their fingers and maybe toes in the sand – literally!

    Here’s how to make moldable sand in three easy steps:

    What You’ll Need:

    • 6 cups colored play sand (available at most home and garden centers)
    • 3 cups cornstarch
    • 1.5 cups cold water
    • Large, airtight container for mixing and storing the sand
    • Plastic molds (sand buckets, cups, any other molds to form moldable sand into shapes)
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  5. Five Steps to Get Your Children Happily Involved in Gift-Giving

    December 10, 2015

    Boy giving giftThere is one big thing on many children’s minds during the holiday season – presents! For a lot of kids, the excitement of the holidays centers on receiving gifts. Parents can take this opportunity to try to instill in their children that same enthusiasm toward giving gifts.

    Encouraging your child to take part in gift-giving can help to demonstrate the joys of giving, as well as to teach him or her the valuable life lesson of thinking of others.

    Follow these simple steps for involving kids in gift-giving this holiday season:

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