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Learn something new about you with these personality quizzes

Don't worry; unlike those pop quizzes teachers used to give you in high school, there's no need to study for our fun and interactive personality quizzes. Simply pick a subject (or two! or three!) that interests you, answer a few short questions and learn something about yourself that you may have not known before. What are you waiting for? Get started now.

  1. How Physically Fit Is Your Family?

    September 12, 2016

    Family Fitness Quiz Overall ImageAs a parent, you want your child to be healthy and happy. Yet, obesity impacts one in six children and adolescents in the United States, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2015.

    How to inspire your son or daughter to adopt healthy habits? Lead by example.

    Family Health & Fitness Day is Sept. 24, 2016 – what better time to tally your family’s health and fitness? Take this quiz to find out how you’re doing, and for some tips on how your family unit can grow even stronger.

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  2. How Well Do You Remember Lessons Learned in Elementary School?

    August 8, 2016

    Elementary School QuizDo you sometimes struggle when helping your younger children with their homework?

    During grade school, children are taught the foundations of core subjects, such as reading, writing, math and science. If you’re like many parents, there was probably a time in your life when you knew all the parts of speech or had all of your multiplication tables memorized.

    Of the many lessons learned in elementary school, how much do you actually remember?

    Take our quiz below for a fun look at how well you’ve retained what you were taught:

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  3. Splurge or Squirrel Away: What’s Your Personal Money-Management Style?

    July 15, 2016

    Personal Money Management QuizMost people know the importance of putting money aside for a rainy day or for future expenses yet have different ways of approaching financial responsibility.

    In managing your money, do you often have the urge to splurge or to feed your piggy bank, or to always look for ways to spend less and to squirrel away bucks for a goal?

    It’s time to pony up, not play ostrich. Take our quiz below for a look at your style of managing your personal finances:

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  4. Quiz: What type of parent are you?

    June 13, 2016

    What type of parent are you quizEvery parent has a different way in which he or she relates to and cares for his or her children. For the most part, there isn’t a right or wrong way to be a parent. It depends on the personalities and motivations of all involved. But, how we respond to everyday situations can say a lot about the type of parent we are.

    Are you the “cool parent” that goes with the flow? Or, maybe you’re more traditional and raise your children the way you were brought up? Take our fun quiz below to find out what type of parent you are.

    Regardless of your result, there’s one thing that all parents share in common. We want to make sure that our children are taken care of no matter what life has in store. Learn more about how Gerber Life can help to financially protect those who matter most to us with the Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan.

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  5. Quiz: How well do you adapt to change and new situations?

    May 12, 2016

    adapt to change quizYour happiness may be at stake.

    Life constantly changes and evolves. Some people don’t like change or it makes them feel uncomfortable, and they resist it. Other people tend to go with the flow, neither bothered nor unbothered by change, and adapting as needed. Still others embrace change and thrive in new environments.

    Learning how to accept and adapt to the inevitable twists and turns of life can be key to our long-term happiness.

    How do you stack up? Take our quiz below to find out how well you adapt to change.

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