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Learn something new about you with these personality quizzes

Don't worry; unlike those pop quizzes teachers used to give you in high school, there's no need to study for our fun and interactive personality quizzes. Simply pick a subject (or two! or three!) that interests you, answer a few short questions and learn something about yourself that you may have not known before. What are you waiting for? Get started now.

  1. Quiz: Test Your Life Insurance (and Gerber Life) Knowledge

    September 23, 2015

    Test your life insurance knowledge quizLife insurance is often viewed as a confusing topic. In fact, according the 2015 Insurance Barometer study conducted by worldwide research organization LIMRA and non-profit Life Happens, 38 percent of consumers did not purchase (or did not purchase more) life insurance because they found life insurance research to be confusing. They did not know what types of policies they should buy or how much coverage they needed.

    Put your life insurance knowledge and your knowledge of the Gerber Life products to the test and take our life insurance quiz below. If you get stuck, here’s a hint – all the answers can be found somewhere on our website.

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  2. Quiz: Which ‘Senior Superlative’ Should You have been Named in 12th Grade?

    July 29, 2015

    senior superlative quizToward the end of the senior year of high school, classmates traditionally vote on which members of their class are worthy of being the most likely to succeed, or are the most athletic, or the funniest, or another superlative. More frequently than not, only a limited number of students end up being recognized superlatively – for better or worse.

    Whether or not you received this kind of senior-year tribute, take our fun “senior superlatives” quiz to find out which one you really might have deserved:

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  3. Quiz: What’s Your Dream Family Vacation?

    July 3, 2015

    family vacation quizAh, summer vacation: It’s a welcome break from the daily grind and a chance to unplug from your email and reconnect with your family. There’s just one problem – agreeing on a destination.

    Here’s a fun way to discover where your family’s ideal trip might be: Our Gerber Life family dream vacation quiz below. Where it will take you?

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  4. Quiz: Which Founding Father Was the Most Similar to You?

    June 10, 2015

    founding fathers quiz The distinguished statesmen from the 13 original colonies who conceived, shaped, hashed out, penned and convened to produce two of the greatest documents in history – the Declaration of Independence and subsequently the Constitution of the United States – had many different beliefs, personalities and agendas, which made the difficult task of creating a new nation even harder. In some ways, it’s a small miracle that the Constitution was written and agreed upon.

    This Father’s Day, we pay homage to the men who created our country and to four of them in particular. So which of these four Founding Fathers might you be most like – Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton or George Washington? Take our Founding Fathers quiz to find out:

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  5. Mother’s Day Quiz: What’s Your Parenting Style?

    April 29, 2015

    parenting style quizMost parents don’t use the same parenting style to raise their children. Different strokes, after all. You may have developed your parenting style from a combination of sources: information you’ve read or heard, advice you’ve received from relatives and other parents, lessons you were taught while growing up, and your parental instinct.

    Which of four basic kinds of parenting style are you using? Take our quiz to find out:

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