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Making the Family Holiday Card Fun Again

December 7, 2012

Creative Family Holiday CardsCreative holiday cards that are as fun to create as they are to open.

With everyone (and your family) expecting the arrival of your annual family portrait, and with so many chain stores and retail websites offering affordable and fun styles to choose from, creating a holiday photo card has become easy and, frequently, almost mandatory. As a result, the concept can easily become “old hat.”

To shake up your season’s greeting this year, try one of these ideas for creative holiday cards:

•    Multiply your greeting.
A photo card can be a showcase for the perfect single shot, whether a group portrait or the best photo you took of the kids on vacation. This year, if you haven’t done so yet, explore the multiple-photo format offered among the layout options available. A collage or a simple series is a great way to feature close-ups of each family member, or of scenes from various family events throughout the past year.

•    The artist’s touch. Do you have a budding Picasso in the family? Instead of using a photo, make your holiday card more creative with a festive drawing or illustrated message from your children. You could also have each family member make a small drawing that, when they’re arranged together, forms a greeting. Then, scan or photograph the mini-masterpieces to create a standard photo card.

•    Greet with a treat. If you enjoy holiday baking, make a special batch of sugar or ginger bread cookies or festive cupcakes. Then, have family members pitch in to decorate the cookies or cupcakes so that they form a readable message by combining, for example, frosting letters or words, and candy canes and gum drops. Photograph the family displaying their decorative greeting, or photograph the message displayed on a pretty platter. The result will be a creative holiday card that offers a delightful greet – and treat.

If you choose to stick with the standard one-photo format, flex your creative muscles with a fun pose or special accessories, including pets. Whichever photo format you select, your creative holiday card will delight friends and family with a fresh take and a little “ho-ho-ho” surprise.

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