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Diaper Bag Necessities

April 16, 2014

Mom Changing Baby's Diaper10 items every diaper bag should have (besides diapers).

As a new parent, your baby isn’t the only new cargo you’ll be carrying around. With every baby comes a bulky diaper bag chock full of your little one’s greatest necessities. Although you probably know to pack plenty of diapers and wipes for your baby, here are some other necessities that could come in handy.

1. Diaper Rash Cream
Babies have very sensitive skin, and some are more prone to diaper rash than others. Be ready with a soothing balm at the first sign of irritation.

2. Ziplock Bags
Ziplock bags are lifesavers for new parents. Not only do they handily store wet wipes, but they can also seal off a soiled outfit or diaper when there is no trash can in sight.

3. Extra Clothes for You and Baby
Speaking of soiled clothes, your diaper bag won’t be complete without an extra outfit (or two) for baby, and a hat for cold or sunny weather. While you’re at it, you won’t be sorry if you pack an extra shirt or cardigan for yourself. Babies have a way of “decorating” a new parent’s clothing in less than desirable ways.

4. Pacifier or Toy
Few things are worse than an angry, crying baby while you are standing in line at the DMV or checking out at the grocery store. Soothe your little one temporarily with a pacifier or an “emergency toy.”

5. Hand Sanitizer
Can’t keep your hands off your little bundle of joy? Neither can anyone else! Because infants have underdeveloped immune systems that are sensitive to the germs that older children and adults carry around, stash some hand sanitizer in your diaper bag. Don’t be afraid to ask others to clean up before holding your little one.

6. Changing Pad
There’s no doubt that you’ll find yourself changing diapers in some pretty awkward places. Whether you are in a public bathroom or the back of your car, a changing pad will come in handy for protecting your little one from germy surfaces and protecting your car’s upholstery from messy diaper changes.

7. Teething Gel
For most babies, teething is no walk in the park. You never know when pain will strike your child, leaving him or her irritable and uncomfortable. Instead of waiting until you get home to soothe your child’s achy gums, reach for the teething gel tucked away in your diaper bag.

8. Burp Cloth
A burp cloth is a multi-use item that belongs in every diaper bag at all times. Infants often spit-up after feedings, for which burp cloths can prevent a trip to the dry cleaner. But even if your baby holds meals down with ease, keep a burp cloth on hand for drool or unexpected messes.

9. Bottles and Pre-Measured Formula
Moms and dads know that babies eat on frequent and very regular schedules. You may do your best to sneak in a feeding just before you leave the house, but you never know when you’ll be out longer than expected. Stash a bottle, some pre-measured formula, and a bottle of water in your diaper bag to prepare for an impromptu feeding.

10. Swaddling Blanket and Socks
Babies lose body heat much easier than older children and adults do. Keep a swaddling blanket and an extra pair of socks in your diaper bag to prevent chills – both indoors and outside.

What other necessities do you keep in your baby’s diaper bag? Share your feedback with us in the “Comments” section below.

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