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Dispelling Confusion About Grow-Up Life Insurance: Cash Value

October 20, 2015

Meet Stuffin’ – Gerber Life Halloween StorybookFifth in a series of five blog posts

Meet Stuffin’ the Scarecrow. When he isn’t in the field warding off troublesome birds, you might find him with his nose in a book. An avid reader who loves stories, he finds that books allow him to experience adventures within the safe confines of the farm, worry-free. Some scare-makers would call Stuffin’ a “nervous Nelly” who worries about anything and everything, a trait inherited from his parents. There was one thing that chilled Stuffin’s mom to the straw: Fear that if an emergency arose and she needed ready cash, the money she had paid into Stuffin’s life insurance policy wouldn’t be accessible.

Can I borrow against my policy’s cash value?

CLAIR: Once coverage begins on a Grow-Up® Plan1, it starts to accumulate cash value that grows over time, as long as premiums are paid. This is readily available if ever you had a need for cash for the duration of the policy. When your child becomes the policyowner at 21, he or she has the option of turning in the policy and receiving its full cash value.

GERBER LIFE: POOF! ENJOY PEACE OF MIND! The final misconception about life insurance dispelled.

We have one last Halloween trick up our sleeves. Be sure to visit our blog next week as we unveil our final spooky surprise! Trust us, this is one you won’t want to miss.



1 Policy Form ICC12-GPP, Policy Form Series GPP-12

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