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DIY Home Décor Ideas

October 21, 2013

Woman Remodeling HomeDo-It-Yourself home décor is not only budget-friendly but also a unique way of expressing your family’s personal style. If you are itching to makeover your space but don’t want to break the bank, check out these DIY tips:

Re-purpose old furniture. If you have an outdated dresser or side table, bring it back to life with a fresh coat of paint. Cut off the front of the top three drawers of a nine-drawer dresser and replace the hardware on the remaining drawers to create a TV entertainment center. Don’t have any old furniture to spare? Hit up a local flea market or neighborhood garage sales on the weekends.

Reupholster old chairs. Upholstered chairs have a way of losing their shine after a number of years. Head to your local fabric store to select a new fabric, and take the seat cushions off your upholstered chairs for a quick fix-up. Use a staple gun to secure fabric edges to the bottoms of seats, making sure to pull the fabric tight to keep it from bunching.

Rooms for Kids

DIY children’s rooms and playrooms are fun and easy to do, whether your child is a boy or a girl. Start by choosing a bright and cheerful color for the walls, and let your child be part of the color-selecting process. Then personalize the space, calling on budget-friendly ideas.

Name Art. Visit your local craft store and purchase alphabet stencils that spell out your child’s name. Then, select a paint color that’s complementary to the color of your child’s bedroom walls. At home, use an erasable pencil and measuring tape to mark a straight line where you plan to write your name. Once you’re certain that the line is straight, measure out the amount of space to leave between each letter and mark it with a pencil. Outline each stencil letter directly above the line, and in between each vertical pencil marking. Finally, fill in the pencil outline with paint and allow it to dry overnight. Alternatively, consider spray painting the letters on to the wall, but keep in mind that this approach may give you less control over the paint.

Wall décor. To spruce up the wall decor in your child’s room try choosing accents that are both decorative and functional. Create an art display in your child’s playroom by attaching clipboards to the wall or a clothesline with clothespins for hanging works of art. Top off the room with a DIY growth chart and framed pictures of your kids participating in their favorite activities.

Have you successfully completed any DIY home décor projects of your own? Share photos with us on Facebook.

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