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Turn Trash into Creative Eco-Friendly Gifts

September 9, 2013

Eco-Friendly Gift IdeasCreating eco-friendly gifts from items that might usually be thrown out after use can provide an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids or grandkids, while teaching the importance of recycling. Here are some creative eco-friendly gift ideas that are easy to make and just as rewarding to give.

Terrarium Necklace

Surprise your plant-loving and gardener friends with a terrarium necklace that you can fashion rather quickly. They probably won’t find a fashion accessory like this anywhere else.

To create your gift you’ll need the following items:
•    A glass bottle charm or a tiny bottle, such as an empty Tabasco sauce bottle, a very small plant and a small amount of dirt. If you pick a small plant from your yard, such as a budding clover, you can include the dirt that already surrounds its tiny roots.
•    A neck chain, 14 to 20 inches will do nicely.
•    A small jump ring, commonly used on traditional necklaces.
•    A tiny cork to fit into the equally tiny terrarium bottle.
•    Tweezers.

Put a small amount of dirt into the bottle. Using the tweezers, insert the tiny plant into the terrarium bottle. If your bottle gets some dirt on the inside, clean it out with a cotton swab.

Attach the jump ring to the cork bottle stopper (glue it on if it doesn’t have a tiny screw end). Attach the miniature terrarium to the neck chain. Tell your recipient to sprinkle a little water in it every day or so to keep their tiny plant green and healthy. Voila’! An eco-friendly gift that’s fun and fashionable!

Scrabble Coasters

You’ll need the following items:
•    Scrabble game letter tiles.
•    Super-strength, eco-friendly glue.

Create fun words with the scrabble tiles, such as “java” or “love.” Glue four rows of four Scrabble tiles to form words. Now, let it dry. And that’s it! You’ve made unique, handcrafted drink coasters to help protect furniture and bring smiles to those who use them.

Recipe Gifts in Jars

Food and recipes in gift jars are consistent favorites. Simple and easy to create, eco-friendly recipe gifts can be as unique as a family recipe for a hearty soup or as common as chocolate chip cookies.

What you’ll need:
•    Lidded, clear glass jars.
•    The dry ingredients required for your selected recipe.
•    A card or small piece of paper with your hand-written recipe.
•    Ribbon, bow or other decorative item to adorn your gift.
•    A favorite recipe for brownies, soup, bread, doggie treats or whatever you and your gift recipient will love.

Place the dry ingredients in the jar. Write out your recipe on the card or notepaper. Then highlight the wet or other ingredients needed to complete the project. Attach the recipe to the jar with ribbon or decorative material.

Try these suggestions for eco-friendly, trash-to-gift special creations. Let us know which ideas are your favorites. Or, add your own in the comment box below.

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