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Everyday Conservation can Lower Monthly Payments

March 12, 2012

Lower Monthly PaymentsYou may be happily surprised at the effects of your everyday conservation efforts, not to mention the great cost savings you can expect. And all this can be achieved without drastically changing your lifestyle.

Little Things Mean a Lot

You need not deprive yourself of important things to be environmentally friendly and save money, too. It’s the little things that count. Saving little bits of energy and resources will make a positive impact on your budget, however tight it may be.

For example, in summer, raise your air conditioning thermostat to just 78 degrees to save energy—and money. It’s not necessary that you freeze yourself to feel cooler. Air conditioning systems, whether central or window units, first reduce humidity, which automatically makes you feel cooler. A couple of degrees warmer will become just as comfortable as the temperature you’ve been using.

Lower Your Monthly Utility Payments

Energy Conservation

  • Buy only ENERGY STAR® appliances, light bulbs, and other items that use electricity. You’ll be pleased at your lower electricity bills each month.
  • Turn down your heat and air conditioning when you’re away from home. Install a cost effective (around $50) programmable thermostat to act as your reminder and savings “assistant.
  • Seal air leaks around windows and doors with weather stripping.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for those items requiring battery power.

Water Conservation

  • Fix all leaks, including faucets and pipes.
  • Use water saving shower heads and faucets.

Other Budget Friendly Everyday Tips

Reduce Waste

  • Eliminate disposable cups, pens, razors, and other items that are good for only one- or limited-time use.
  • Use your own bags at the supermarket. Even if they are the plastic ones, use them until they no longer function, cutting down on the plastic trash volume.
  • Cut paper use, and save some trees. Replace paper with reusable items whenever possible.

Eliminate Toxic Substances

  • Use “natural” cleaning products.
  • Buy furniture made from natural substances, i.e., wood, metal and glass.
  • Don’t use aerosol products.
  • Try to balance your home’s humidity to eliminate mold and mildew growth.

These simple, everyday conservation and environmentally friendly suggestions will lower your monthly utility payments and save you money when shopping. While some environmentally friendly products might cost a bit more to purchase, they typically last longer and are much safer for you, pets and small children. Even choosing water-based, instead of oil-based, paints will do a good job and cost you less.

Regular conservation is not difficult. It is a habit you can form rather easily. Since many habits—good and bad—can be formed in 21 days, it shouldn’t take long for you to start to lower utility monthly payments and save money through simple conservation efforts.

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