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Everyday Saving Tips Focus on the Simple Things

June 27, 2011

Everyday saving is more habit than science. Living on a budget becomes easier every day that you practice. Unless you are an unusually extravagant spender, there is no magic bullet to save large dollars on a daily basis. However, using simple everyday saving tips will add up to high savings over weeks and, then, months. Here are some simple suggestions to start building your frugal habit.

  • Closely track your spending—all of it. The most important habit you can acquire is to keep a small notebook of every penny you spend daily. You may be astonished how your small purchases add up to large dollars over time.
  • Use coupons when buying things you NEED; not just to “get stuff cheaper.” Coupons are wonderful savings tools—when you use them for things you need. Avoid coupon-assisted purchases just because you’re getting a good deal.
  • Cut down on fine dining. Dining out is enjoyable, relaxing, tasty—and expensive. If you enjoy fine food, learn to cook in a more gourmet fashion or opt for some delicious take-out meals.
  • Don’t visit the supermarket when you’re hungry. When you go grocery shopping when starving, you’ll possibly spend much more than you planned. Everything looks appealing.
  • Buy new clothes during end-of-season sales. Yes, this may be a more difficult habit to embrace. However, depending on your love of clothes, this everyday saving tip could save you hundreds of dollars every year.
  • Shop with cash or debit cards. Try to keep those enticing credit cards in your purse or wallet, regardless of how strongly they call your name.
  • Grocery shop only with lists. While not as potentially costly as shopping when you’re hungry, shopping without a shopping list can lead to unplanned purchases. Unless you have a flawless photographic memory, do not enter your supermarket without a written list.
  • Cancel cable, telephone and Internet extras you don’t need. If you absolutely, definitely, unquestionably need 35 movie channels and sports networks only showing cricket matches, keep them. Should you determine that you may not really need these extras, cancel them. Similarly, telephone service that allows you to call Serbia for a few pennies per minute—if only you knew someone in Serbia—may also be unnecessary.
  • Shop around for home and auto insurance. Evaluate multiple companies and identical coverage to save money.
  • Purchase a car only after learning insurance, repair, maintenance, and fuel costs. That gorgeous shiny sports car or luxury auto may strongly beckon you. But, first, be sure its insurance, repair and fuel costs won’t also beckon bankruptcy.
  • Take your lunch to work to save $5 to $10 per day. Avoiding eating out at work saves you money every day. Try bringing your tasty leftovers.
  • Control personal care (hair, nails, toes, etc.) costs. Is that $80 hair style really four times more wonderful than the $20 version you might find?
  • Ask doctors to prescribe generic medicine whenever possible. Generic medications are sometimes exactly the same as those with more commonly advertised brand names. While doing the same job, they can save you large dollars at the pharmacy.
  • Use library resources for books, CDs, and current magazines. Building a formidable home library is wonderful. But, your local public library has every novel, movie, music album, and magazine you could want. This is a fun and excellent way of saving money.
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