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Everyday Saving Translates to “Paying Yourself First”

April 4, 2012

Everyday Saving TipsEveryday saving on energy use means you are paying yourself first. In fact, decreased energy use is like having a savings plan for yourself. Along with helping our environment, every dollar you save goes into your pocket.

Going Green is a Valuable Habit

Committed environmentalists sometimes over-state their case about green living. However, if you’re living on a budget (who isn’t?), you’ll learn that making energy saving tips a habit will return dollars to you along with benefiting our environment.

Conserving energy using simple steps will save you money in a variety of ways. The low cost of many everyday saving habits returns dollars to you over time. Here are some easy steps you can take daily.

Conserve Water

  • Do not allow water waste drip by drip. Often, you can fix leaky faucets for less than $1 by installing new washers in handles. Rubber washers deteriorate over time and allow faucets to drip. Over the course of a year, these little drips can waste gallons of water.
  • Use water conserving shower heads. Most hotels have cut their water costs by installing these items, which use designs that create strong water pressure, but use much less water. You can enjoy the same benefit for under $30.

Conserve Energy

  • Use CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) instead of incandescent bulbs. CFLs often cost a bit more than incandescent bulbs, but can last three times as long. When in use, they use much less energy when lit, so you save two ways.
  • Keep your home insulated tightly. Preventing heat (or cool temps) from escaping your home can save you hundreds of energy dollars annually. As the cost of energy increases, your investment in effective insulation decreases. Your home will remain more cozy (or cool), improving your quality of life.
  • Walk or use a bicycle when possible. Avoiding car use conserves energy, saves you money and helps you become healthier. If your car never met a gas pump it didn’t like, causing you to visit service stations often, you’ll pay yourself first with significant dollar savings.
  • Buy locally produced products. Consider this statistic: Most of the food available at your favorite supermarket has traveled an average of 1,500 miles from its place of origin. Whether traveling by truck, rail or aircraft, these goods use massive amounts of energy just to get from their original home to your home. Not only will you enjoy fresher, tastier food and products made by your neighbors, you’ll help your local economy by keeping your dollars at home.

Everyday conservation of resources, when you make it a habit, will save you many dollars. Living on a budget will be much easier with these extra, pay yourself first dollars.

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