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Family Fun Crafts: The Wonder of the Shoebox

May 13, 2013

Family Making CraftsLeonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This timeless quote certainly rings true when it comes to kids’ craft projects. Instead of running down to the store to pick up a complex – and expensive – craft kit, just grab a shoebox and some art supplies and you’ve got a world of easy, family fun crafts just waiting to be explored.

Make a Family Time Capsule
To make a family time capsule, you’ll need a shoebox with a lid, contact paper and markers. First, cover the outside of the box and lid with contact paper, then write your family’s surname on the lid. Have each family member write a letter about their hopes and predictions for the future, their current favorite hobbies and activities and what they love most about each family member. Seal the letters and put them in the time capsule, along with family photos and mementos of special events. Once the box is full, wrap it like a present and let the kids decorate the outside before you stow it away for a future opening.

Create a Family Photo Box
Transform a shoebox into a convenient – and attractive – family photo box that you’ll be proud to display. You’ll need a shoebox with a lid, a glue stick or rubber cement, a decoupage clear coat spray or brush-on lacquer and a few family photos that you don’t mind cutting up – a great use for all of those duplicate pictures that end up floating around the house! Start by cutting out pictures of family members, friends, pets and any other favorite places and items. Glue them on the outsides of the shoebox, overlapping their edges until you create a collage of memories that covers the box and lid. Once the glue or rubber cement is dry, spray or coat with a clear layer of decoupage lacquer. Once it dries, you’ll have a gorgeous box in which to keep your precious photos safe!

Design a Backseat Box
Keeping the kids busy on long car trips is always a challenge, but the Backseat Box can help! Wrap the outside of a shoebox – lid on – with contact paper. Then fasten a strip of dark tape around the center to create a “road” and use small pieces of yellow tape to create the road’s centerline. Using markers, draw colorful road signs to decorate the box. Cut a large, three-sided rectangle on top of the box to create a flap. Fill the box with kid-friendly items, such as a blank notebook and pens, small games to play in the car, snack bags and activity books.

You may just be surprised at how much your children will love these family fun crafts!

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