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Father’s Day Ideas for Kids

June 3, 2013

Father's Day Activities for the FamilyLaunch a family time capsule with dad.

We all look for ways to preserve memories of special times with our loved ones. One Father’s Day activity everyone will love is creating a family time capsule together.

This shouldn’t be a solo project. Make the kids and dad part of the fun. Brainstorm which family mementos and treasures to stow away, so that a future unearthing will induce smiles all around.

Here’s how to start this fun Father’s Day activity, along with a few suggestions for what to stash in the time capsule:

For the packin’. Decide what kind of container you’ll use. It can be as simple as an old shoebox or as sophisticated as an airtight, custom-made box from a specialty retailer. Unless you’re storing priceless documents or photos, consider repurposing that shoebox or any sturdy cardboard box. Delicate items can first be encased in zippered plastic bags.

For the show.  Decorate the time capsule with stickers, glitter, pictures cut from old magazines, or anything else that tickles your arts-and-crafts fancy. You could even snap a photo on Father’s Day, print it and glue it to the front of the time capsule to commemorate the occasion.

To get ready. Here are some things that you may want to gather and stow:
•    Current photos of the family, including pets.
•    Photos of your home, even if it needs a paint job.
•    A description of recent family vacation, written by the kids.
•    Win/loss record of the kids’ sports teams.
•    A roster of each child’s allowance.
•    Some small school projects or report cards.
•    Current newspaper clips, especially about someone in the family.
•    A memento from each family member, such as an inexpensive ring, scarf, hat or creative under taking.
•    A letter from Dad to each child, telling them what you think their life will be like 20 years from today.
•    A letter from each child to dad, telling him what you think his life will be like 20 years from now.

To go back to the future. Decide if you want to bury your time capsule, or simply put it away in a not-so-handy hiding place, like the darkest corner of the attic.  Lastly, decide when to open your time capsule – 10, 20, even 30 years down the road. Perhaps let the kids make the call? After all, it’s all about the future, theirs and dad’s both.

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