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Happy Father’s Day: Let’s Hear It for Dad!

June 4, 2014

Father carrying daughterIt’s time once again for dads to take their place in the spotlight. When Father’s Day arrives on June 15, we’ll have many ways to honor the man who gave us life and/or love.

Americans have been setting aside time in June to celebrate dads since the early 20th Century. However, Father’s Day only became an official observance in 1972, when President Richard Nixon signed the law establishing it as a permanent national holiday. Mother’s Day had already been an official holiday for 58 years.

Every Father’s Day, men across the land can count on plenty of hugs, kisses, sentimental greeting cards, and more than a few neckties.

So, enjoy your day basking in all that love, but beforehand, gather together to take our Father’s Day quiz:


1. If you were taking a head count, how many fathers would you find in the United States?

  • 25 million
  • 50 million
  • 70 million
  • 100 million

2. What is generally considered the first Father’s Day in the U.S. was celebrated in June 1910 in which city?

  • Springfield, Mass.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah,
  • Spokane, Wash.
  • St. Louis, Mo.

3. Father’s Day gained popularity in the U.S. for honoring troops during which war?

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • the Korean War
  • the Vietnam War

4. Father’s Day has an official flower. Which one is it?

  • carnation
  • rose
  • tulip
  • sunflower

5. Americans often spend generously for Father’s Day. What is the average amount spent on gifts for dads, sons, husbands, and others on Father’s Day?

  • $22.52
  • $56.07
  • $119.84
  • $125.11


1. c. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 70.1 million fathers live in the U.S.

2. c. Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Wash., is credited for founding Father’s Day. Raised by her widowed father, she lobbied for a holiday devoted to dads. Thanks to her efforts, Spokane marked the first such holiday in 1910 in June – the month that Sonora’s dad was born.

3. b. During World War II, celebrating Father’s Day became a way to pay tribute to American troops and to support the war effort.

4. b. The rose is the official flower of Father’s Day. One tradition is to wear a red rose if your dad is living and a white rose if your dad has died.

5. c. The National Retail Federation estimates that spending in 2013 on Father’s Day gifts was $119.84 per person.


We hope that you enjoyed this quiz – and that your family has a Happy Father’s Day!

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