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Five Easy Ways to Add Exercise To Your Day

December 30, 2013

Family Playing in SnowNot everyone has time to go to the gym. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to. If you seem to have about a million things to do each day and can’t find the time, money, or motivation to join a local gym to get your exercise, there’s good news. You can add exercise to your day without spending a penny, stepping foot into a gym, or even stepping into your sweats. Here are five simple how-to tips:

  1. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Walking burns about 250 calories per hour. Granted, you’re unlikely to park so far away from the grocery store that it’ll take you an hour to get from the store to your car, but adding an extra minute of walking here and there throughout your day can really add up.
  2. Play with your children. You and your kids can bond and break a sweat at the same time simply by going outside and playing a game of catch or bike-riding together. In addition to helping you start an exercise routine, you’ll be encouraging your kids to be active.
  1. Take a walk during lunchtime. Just because you get an hour lunch break at work doesn’t mean you have to spend all 60 minutes eating or watching the time tick away. Save time by taking your lunch to work so that you’ll have extra time for a few quick laps around the parking lot. Not only will you be getting some exercise, but you’ll also be able to prepare and eat a healthier lunch than you would have by going to a fast-food restaurant.
  2. Choose the stairs. It can be tempting to take the elevator, even for just a flight or two. If you live in a multi-level building or work in a building that has numerous stories, hitting the stairs instead of the elevator can add more exercise to your day.
  3. Be more hands-on in the kitchen. All sorts of gadgets help us do the “heavy lifting.” This is especially true in the kitchen, where food processors and dishwashers eliminate the need to rely on the ol’ elbow grease. Turn mealtime into an upper-body workout by taking the old-fashioned route of chopping, mixing, and even hand-washing your dishes when you’re done.

There could be a thousand different ways to squeeze more exercise into your daily routine without springing for a gym membership or having to spend time away from your family. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and the motivation to get up and move.



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