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Quiz: Which Founding Father Was the Most Similar to You?

June 10, 2015

founding fathers quiz The distinguished statesmen from the 13 original colonies who conceived, shaped, hashed out, penned and convened to produce two of the greatest documents in history – the Declaration of Independence and subsequently the Constitution of the United States – had many different beliefs, personalities and agendas, which made the difficult task of creating a new nation even harder. In some ways, it’s a small miracle that the Constitution was written and agreed upon.

This Father’s Day, we pay homage to the men who created our country and to four of them in particular. So which of these four Founding Fathers might you be most like – Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton or George Washington? Take our Founding Fathers quiz to find out:


Which job best suits you?

Which of these would be your dream school?

Which sounds most relaxing?

Which event in the history of our country interests you the most?

How would your friends describe you?

What do you most often try to avoid?

On which dollar bill would you prefer to have your portrait?

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