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Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

August 10, 2017

toddlers hugging and smilingSummer is swell for little kids, but sometimes not so much for parents. Clearly, putting your little one in front of the TV or tablet is not the best solution. The best-case scenario is an activity that combines physical activity with an opportunity to learn or develop motor skills.

Whatever the activity is, it has to be FUN.

Here are eight activities for toddlers that can be done right in your front yard or living room, to help you keep your sanity this summer:

Camping! Outdoors or indoors, camping encourages your little one to use his or her imagination and also doubles as an ideal place for those well-needed naps.
Bowling! Who needs a bowling alley when you can use a driveway or sidewalk, or even the kitchen floor? A tennis ball and a bunch of empty plastic bottles can make for hours of enjoyment. A bonus: This activity helps improve motor skills and encourages a little exercise.
Balloons! A water balloon may be the one thing every kid and parent can enjoy. Or just blow up some balloons and chase them around the yard or house. If you want to kick things up a notch, make homemade paddles: just tape some popsicle sticks to paper plates for balloon ping-pong—and instant fun.
Cardboard Box! One box, a blanket and some pillows can become your kid’s castle. Or spaceship. Or race car. You’ll love seeing where his or her imagination takes them.
Swimming Noodle! No pool necessary. Simply slice an old swimming noodle in half and use some marbles to make an action-packed race track. Two kids? Two noodles. Game on!
Paper Towel Roll! Save a few empty tubes from paper towels or toilet paper and tape them diagonally to the wall, then watch your junior engineer drop coins, marbles or anything that will fit.
Crafting! On a rainy day, crafting is king (or queen). Help your little Picasso create a work of art. One idea: use a paper plate, some food coloring and glue to create a masterpiece. Old T-shirts are always our friends, too. Decorate them using different colored pens or sparkle and glue – the sky’s the limit.

Those are just a handful of suggestions, but the basic idea is that the possibilities are endless, affordable (if not free), safe, educational and, most importantly, FUN. A little imagination goes a long way.

Enjoy your summer. Your homemade activities will help keep your toddler busy, help them learn and will provide quality time for you to spend together.

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