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Activities to Build Children’s Creativity During Summer

July 8, 2015

Boy by pool wearing towel as capeWhen thinking of summer, the sounds of lawn mowers, splashing water, and jingle of the ice cream truck may come to mind. Summer also might find you hearing a child say, “I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored!” Without school to fill up a good portion of their day, children may become restless.

For some parents, helping a child to replace school time with fun summer activities can be a challenge. You want your child to have fun and stay active, but you also need time for your own work and errands.

Here are three activities for keeping children active while building creativity during the months they aren’t in school:

Play “bulls-eye” in a driveway or on a sidewalk. Use colored chalk to draw a series of concentric circles on the ground of your driveway or sidewalk or in a local park where it’s allowed. Label each circle (“target”) with a numerical point-value, such as 10, 25, 40 and 50. Then, give your children and their friends wet sponges to throw at the “target,” to attempt to score points. Decide the total points that a player must reach before anyone else, in order to win the game. To increase the difficulty of the game, move the starting line farther away from the “targets” or make the circles smaller.

Create a “stomp” painting. Most children enjoy coloring with crayons on paper, but they also enjoy expressing their creativity in other ways, too. “Stomp” painting does just that, by having children paint with their feet wrapped in bubble wrap – which can add even more laughter when they hear the “bubbles” pop – and keep things from getting too messy. For information about what you’ll need and how to set up this activity, visit  “Mess for Less.”

Make giant bubbles. What’s a good way to create the biggest bubbles that you and your children have ever seen? Check out this tutorial from “LuSa Organics” for ideas that can provide your child with hours of outdoor fun.

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