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Give the Gift of Fitness

December 8, 2012

Group Fitness ClassGet your holiday list in shape with these unique gifts.

Even fun and festive gift items can grow tiresome when you purchase them for loved ones year after year. Why not take a fresh approach this season and brainstorm unique holiday gift ideas that will truly keep on giving –  such as better health and fitness?

Consider the following fitness gifts for kids who spend too much time texting, for a husband who works hard but doesn’t play enough with his kids, for grandparents who may need more exercise, or for friends who do everything for everyone but themselves. You can even make your participation in the activity part of the fitness gift. These unique holiday gift ideas are certain to warm up the hearts – and muscles – of everyone on your list this season:

•    Turn a game center into a fun fitness zone. If you have Wii, PlayStation, Xbox or whatever may be the hot new item this year, you can find a range of fitness games the whole family can enjoy. Look for dance-move discs or animated sports-activity games such as boxing or Olympic events. Establishing a family game night to look forward to throughout the winter is also a good way to beat back the indoor blues once the holidays subside.

•    Pre-paid gifts. Whether your better half jogs a mile every morning or is in the running for armchair athlete of the year, you’re bound to find a membership or gift certificate that will fit his or her style. Consider pre-paid sessions with a personal trainer, visits to a local batting cage or indoor driving range, or maybe a series of tango or other dance lessons that you can take together (and boost your hearts and funny bones in the process!).

•    Take the first step. Is there someone on your list who needs a little encouragement to get a fitness routine going? Inexpensive and not-too-pushy fitness gift options abound. For example, pair a simple pedometer with a guide to walking for health. Purchase a beginner’s fitness app for a tech-savvy recipient. Send a gift subscription to a health – and – fitness related magazine. Give a gift certificate to a local yoga, Pilates or other studio that offers beginner-level classes.

•    “Buddy” gifts of time. Another unique holiday gift idea that’s good for the body (and the wallet) is a playful pack of buddy coupons that your friends can redeem by enlisting you. Tear-off slips can be redeemed for a brisk morning walk, a serious runner’s mile, an experimental yoga class, spinning, or other interests you’d like to share. If both of you are too busy to find time together, offer the gift of time with coupons that offer free babysitting while mom or dad is out shopping.

Whichever approach you take, fitness gifts offer long-lasting benefits for both the gift-giver and – the recipient.

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