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Halloween Quiz

October 9, 2012

Children Celebrating HalloweenThere’s no doubt that Halloween holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. Who can blame us? On what other day can you walk around your town in a costume and have neighbors give you free candy?

Nevertheless, just because you may dress up like Einstein doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new about the history of Halloween. You’re sure to become a smarter parent and learn more about this holiday with our Halloween quiz.

Let’s get started:

1.    Halloween is based on the traditions of what ancient Celtic celebration: All Saints Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Samhain or All Souls Day?
2.    Which vegetable was originally used to make jack o’ lanterns: tomatoes, turnips, carrots or potatoes?
3.    Halloween is celebrated on what day: The last Sunday in October, October 31, October 29 or the last Friday in October?
4.    Which cartoon character is known as “the friendly ghost”: Coraline, Casper, Caspius or Beetlejuice?
5.    The 1978 movie “Halloween” marked the debut of what sinister film character: Martin Myers, Michael Myers, Michelle Myers or Mark Myers?


1.    Many Halloween traditions stem from Samhain, the ancient Celtic New Year that fell around the end of October.
2.    Jack o’ lanterns were originally made from turnips and other root vegetables.
3.    Halloween is celebrated on October 31.
4.    Casper is known as “the friendly ghost.”
5.    The film character Michael Myers made his movie debut in “Halloween.”

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