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Health & Fitness Apps for Dads

May 31, 2013

Dad Exercising With SonThese days, dad is joining mom in the quest to “do it all.” Balancing job, childcare and housework is increasingly the goal of both parents.

Indeed, dads today are active co-parents and sometimes even primary caregivers. This takes energy, which requires a focus on fitness. After all, dad can’t run after the kids if he’s struggling to get off of the couch after a hard day of vacuuming.

Even as dads are stepping up, the digital world is stepping in, with a host of health-promoting “apps” (short for “applications” software used on smartphones or other mobile device).  Here are some great health and fitness apps for dads that are free or inexpensive to download. Check to see if they’re compatible with the operating system on dad’s mobile device:

Stress Check by Azumio:  Nothing beats down dad – and the rest of us – like stress. This app can measure dad’s stress levels and help him stay cool, calm and collected. Activate the test by placing a fingertip on a mobile device’s camera lens, then watch for results on the screen. While waiting, tips to tame your frenzy flash by. After two minutes, your stress score appears. A high reading may mean you’re functioning at peak performance, not under heavy stress. If you think that’s the case, you’re advised to take a break and re-test in a few minutes.

iMapMyRun and iMapMyRide These two health and fitness apps for dads will appeal to those whose exercise regimens include running and/or cycling. Both put your device’s GPS technology to work. iMapMyRun helps you find running routes, log your distances, and even connects you with someone to run with. The app suggests foods to eat before and after your run, and tracks how many calories you’ve burned. If you prefer two wheels to two legs, iMapMyRide monitors your bicycling distance, time and speed.

GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer If dad can’t afford a personal trainer to help with workouts, he can use this app. If he doesn’t know how to do a specific exercise in the gym, he can call up a video of a trainer or athlete doing the moves. A voice guides him through workouts. Other software includes a calendar to keep track of workout progress.

EyeXam It’s not meant to substitute for an eye exam by a doctor, but this app could give dad a quick idea if he needs eyeglasses. It checks visual acuity and color vision, and even gives tests for astigmatism and macula problems. Another function will search for an eye doctor.

Lose It!: This app will give dad a customized weight-loss plan, with guidance on food choices and exercise. Dads on a diet can connect with like-minded friends who are getting in shape.

So whether your busy dad is looking for ways to streamline his health and fitness plan or to get motivated to start one – these apps will help him get there. What better gift to give dad this Father’s Day than good health!

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