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Hosting an All-Ages Halloween Party

October 28, 2015

Woman and children in Halloween costumesHalloween sometimes seems like the ultimate holiday for kids, but there are plenty of ways for fun to be had by all. One great way is an all-ages Halloween party.

Here are some ideas for hosting a Halloween party for all ages, to help ensure that your monster bash is unforgettable for all the little ghouls and grown-up goblins in attendance:

Decorations. Décor sets the mood for any event. For a Halloween party, decorations play an especially important role. The whole family may enjoy getting involved in transforming your home into a haunted house. If some very young children will be at the party, consider keeping anything that’s particularly scary in a separate room, with an “Enter if you Dare” sign on the door.

Food. What’s a party without good food? With a little imagination, you can transform your average party food into a real Halloween-themed spread. Have your kids come up with creative names for all the dishes you are serving. For example:

  • Macaroni salad could be a “bowl of brains.”
  • You could peel some grapes and call them “mummy eyeballs.”
  • To quench your guests’ thirst, consider creating this Witch’s Brew punch recipe from the Food Network’s Sandra Lee, complete with dry ice and cauldron.

Also, don’t forget the Halloween staple – CANDY!

For nostalgic fun with the older party-goers, see if you can find popular candies from Halloweens past. If you can’t find any in stores in your area, check out online resources such as the Candy Warehouse.

Games. Fun Halloween games are the key to getting all ages involved. These favorites are sure to be a smash hit:

  • Bobbing for Apples – A Halloween party classic. Fill a shallow bucket with water and apples, and let party-goers take turns attempting to grab an apple with their teeth, without using their hands.
  • Mummy Wrap – Divide your party-goers into teams, and give each team a couple rolls of toilet paper. At your signal, each team will have to wrap one it its team member with toilet paper from head to toe, to create the mummy. The “mummy” then must run across a designated finish line before the other team’s “mummy.”
  • Harvest Bowling – If you have a yard or other outdoor space, this game is a great way to incorporate seasonal gourds into the party fun. Stand up some veggies that have a flattish bottom, such as squash, to serve as “bowling pins.” Use a small round pumpkin as the bowling ball.
  • What’s in the Bowl? – Fill separate bowls with prepared Jell-O, cold spaghetti, pudding, or other food that you think feels slimy, and then cover the bowl with a dark cloth so no one can see the contents. Have guests reach into the bowl and guess what it is they’re touching.

Music. For a spooky feel, think about using sound effects to set the tone, such as howling wolves or screeching owls. For a more lighthearted mood, Halloween classics such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Bobby “Borris” Picket’s Monster Mash are sure to get the party started.

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