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DIY Reading Loft Ideas for Your Family

March 5, 2015

Most parents want their children to be able to read well and enjoy reading, too. If a child doesn’t enjoy spending time with books, he or she is unlikely to devote the time it takes to learn to read well.

An ideal way to help foster a love for books in your child is to create a literary-rich environment in your home. This can be partly achieved by providing plenty of books and reading materials, displaying a positive attitude toward reading and writing, encouraging reading and writing for both pleasure and practical reasons, and reading aloud to your child every day at the same place and time.

Having a dedicated physical reading space isn’t a requirement for a literary-rich environment, but having an enjoyable space can be a huge ally in getting your child to love books. With that in mind, what would be more enjoyable for your child (and you) than having a reading loft for your daily reading sessions? Follow these simple steps and build your dream reading spot:

Step 1 – Pick a Design

After deciding to take on the project, the first thing you’ll want to do is pick a design. At, you can find a number of different styles for loft beds: hanging beds, twin and full queen beds, lofts that stretch the entire length of the room, etc. Although these are meant for beds, they’ll function just as well for a small reading loft. When you choose one of these designs, you’ll also be provided with detailed instructions for the materials needed and how to build it. Make sure to pick a design that fits your space, your budget, and your capacity for building.

Step 2 – Build It

Now that you have your design, what are you waiting for? Start building. Remember, the beauty of these designs is that they don’t require you to cut any wood at all. Your local hardware store should be able to size the lumber in all the different dimensions for you.

Step 3 – Decide on Decorations

While you could opt for a minimalist wood look for your reading loft, we’re guessing that it might not be the most enticing style for your child. Of course, you’ll want to have comfy seating, bookshelves, and plenty of light in your new space, but you may also want to consider a theme too. Is your child really into pirates, dinosaurs or princesses? Why not base your decorations around a topic your child already loves? If you still aren’t sure of how to adorn your new space, Pinterest also has a number of great decoration ideas that you could use for inspiration.

Step 4 – Enjoy!

You did it! Your reading loft is built and beautifully decorated. All that’s left to do now is set a daily time for you and your child to read a few books each day. Don’t be surprised if you slowly begin to see him or her sneaking up there to read more than just once a day, either.

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