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10 Questions to Help Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Partner

February 3, 2015

couple spending quality time togetherDespite what fairy tales may have led us to believe, love isn’t all fireworks and fantasy. Successful marriages require work and time. Everyone gives and receives love differently, so it’s essential to really know your partner and understand what satisfies him or her emotionally. You can learn different techniques to make your relationship stronger, but each has the same foundation: open and ongoing communication.

How to communicate more effectively? Start by asking questions and by truly listening to – not just hearing – your partner’s answers.

Try to plan a quiet date-night with your spouse, during which you could apply the following 10 questions to gain a better understanding of each other’s needs:

  1. What is the most meaningful compliment I’ve ever given you?
  2. What is the greatest present that you’ve ever received from me?
  3. What makes you feel relaxed and calm?
  4. If you were rich, what aspects of your life would you want to change, if any, and why?
  5. When do you feel most confident?
  6. What makes you feel insecure? What words of encouragement could I provide to help you through those self-doubts?
  7. What is the most romantic thing we’ve ever done together?
  8. Which do you value more: dependability or excitement?
  9. What are you most grateful for?
  10. What is your happiest memory of us together?

We hope that the 10 questions above can help to spark a great conversation and deeper respect for how the other person thinks and feels. Remember: Strong relationships take work. Keep the conversation going.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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