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Involve Grandparents in Your Child’s Life and Education

September 7, 2014

0907-involving-grandparents-in-educationMany children are lucky enough to know and to have special memories of times shared with their grandparents. When possible, give your children that gift by including their grandparents in their lives and by encouraging grandparents to take an active role.

Spending time with grandparents helps to shape a child’s character and personality. Acquired through years of experience and hard work, the wisdom that grandparents share embeds morals and values on a deep level. Your child can learn irreplaceable lessons by spending time with his or her grandparents. For example, don’t hesitate to involve grandparents in your child’s education. Keep them updated about your child’s grades and school curriculum. Ask them to help with your child’s homework and class projects. Invite them to attend parent-teacher conferences. Encourage them to assist with class parties and other extracurricular activities.

Inviting grandparents to your child’s school and religious or recreational activities and to celebrate birthdays and holidays can create beautiful memories. Stay in touch and visit grandparents regularly with your child. Ask them for their help and advice. Make them feel needed.

If a grandparent expresses a desire to contribute financially to your child’s education, steer them toward a qualified financial planner who can help them evaluate various options, including long-term save-for-college plans.

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