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It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month. Do You Have a Policy in Place to Protect Your Family?

September 3, 2014

statistic on families who needs more life insuranceHaving a life insurance policy is a “must” for many families. Parents often have a plan for when a child gets sick and for when severe weather heads their way, but what if something happens to them – or to you? What would happen to your family? Who would pay the rent or the mortgage, or for your children’s education? Would your family have enough money to pay for your final expenses without being a burden?

Life insurance helps to cover such costs in case something unexpected happens to you. It helps you to protect loved ones who financially depend on you. September is Life Insurance Awareness month. Do you have enough coverage in place to adequately protect your family?

According to LIMRA, fifty percent of U.S. households say they need more life insurance.

Free Handy Guide for Getting Started

Gerber Life Insurance Company offers a free handy guide to help you determine what type of life insurance you should get, based on your budget, policy values, your timeframe, and the coverage needs for you and your family.

Is saving for your child’s college education also a priority?  Learn more about a college plan that also includes the protection of adult life insurance.

More than 13 million single parents in the U.S. are raising more than 22 million children. Making sure that children are better protected and that their parents, including single parents, have more peace of mind is the purpose of Life Insurance Awareness month. By helping parents understand why they need life insurance, and what the risks are if they don’t have life insurance, Gerber Life aims to have parents better aware of how to protect the loved ones who depend on them.


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