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How to Make a Motivational “Inspiration Board” with Your Child

January 13, 2016

Child making an “inspiration board”An “inspiration board” or “vision board,” a tool that some people use in order to motivate themselves, can literally be a visual representation of a goal. It is usually comprised of words, phrases and pictures that represent something that a person is trying to achieve.

For your child – especially if your child is a visual learner – an inspiration board can serve as a visual representation of his or her hopes and ambitions, and help to encourage your child to chase his or her dreams.

Here’s how to make an inspiration board with your child:

What You’ll Need:

  • Old magazines and newspapers
  • Safety scissors
  • Poster board or cardboard or foam board
  • Double-sided tape or glue or glue stick


1. With your child, decide on the theme for the inspiration board. What goal is your child trying to achieve? What is your child’s biggest dream? For example, is he or she trying out for a team or auditioning for a play? Anything that your child is working toward can be the subject or theme of an inspiration board.

2. Flip through the old magazines and newspapers with your child. Using the safety scissors, cut out any words, phrases and photos that remind you or your child of his or her goal.

3. Lay out all of the clippings on the poster board, cardboard or foam board. With your child, move the clippings around until he or she is happy with the way it looks.

4. Attach each clipping to the board, using the double-sided tape or glue or a glue stick.

5. Display the board where your child can see it every day, serving as a daily reminder of the goal or dream that he or she is working toward.

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