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Mother’s Day Gifts with a Low Cost and High Impact

April 30, 2012

Low Cost Mother’s Day Gifts Since mom is always right and may always say “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” show her how much you’ve learned by giving her a gift that stretches your love, not your budget. Here are four great gift ideas:

  1. Make a meal she loves – There’s no doubt you’re going to have a special meal on Mother’s Day, but going out to dinner can be expensive, especially if the whole family is coming along. So, why not make mom her favorite meal? To make the experience seem more like going to a restaurant, be sure to provide an appetizer, main course and dessert. For an added level of realism, have the kids play the role of waiter or waitress (but don’t let mom leave the tip
  2. Clean the house – Even though we should all be doing our part to keep the house clean, most of the work is usually done by mom. On Mother’s Day, however, there is no way mom should do anything that involves a broom, mop, vacuum or sponge. That’s where you come in. Tell mom to relax while the family does all the chores: wash the dishes, vacuum the rooms, dust the furniture, fold the clothes, etc. The goal is to make mom’s life a bit easier on her special day. After all, that’s what she does for the family the other days of the year.
  3. A heartfelt card – What mom wouldn’t want a hand-drawn picture from her kids (or loved ones!)? So, find some clean sheets of paper, break out the crayons and markers, and create a card that makes mom break into a big smile.
  4. Write a letter – Mom probably gets lots of text messages and plenty of email, but when was the last time she received a handwritten letter from you? Probably as far back as when stamps were still 15 cents? Since the idea is to make mom feel super special, take time to write her a letter, thank her for her hard work, praise her for her inner and outer beauty, and compliment her wisdom, kindness, generosity, patience and creativity.

Just in case you are not able to make dinner, clean the house, create a card or write a letter, there’s one more really inexpensive gift that always brings a smile — a big hug followed by a heartfelt “I love you.”



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