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New Parents: Find Savings Fast With Digital Coupons

January 14, 2015

Baby Eating Baby FoodClipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper was long a weekend ritual for many people wanting to save on everyday expenses. These days, between trying to get your baby to sleep and trying to function on little sleep yourself, there’s not much time left to read the newspaper, let alone clip coupons. Opportunities to save money quickly through digital coupons are plentiful. Before making purchases for baby, check out these and other online options that can help you stretch your dollar farther:


Diapers are a big expense, yet at the end of the day most end up in the same place: the trash. The good news, if your income isn’t as disposable as that, many diaper brands will email coupons to your email inbox after you register for their monthly enewsletters.

For example, Huggies offers exclusive coupons for its diapers and wipes to its enewsletter subscribers, as well as exclusive access to product reviews. Pampers offers savings via a reward program, which allows you to earn points each time you make a purchase. The points can be saved for big-ticket rewards, such as a stroller.


One of the biggest expenses for parents is feeding their families. Feeding a family isn’t cheap, but there are ways to cut costs. Publix allows you to create a “My Publix” account, where you can edit and save grocery lists and recipes, as well as save instantly at checkout with digital coupons. Walmart offers “clip” coupons on its website, for online savings; after you check-mark the “clip” box next to the coupons you intend to use, the webpage will calculate and display how much you’ve saved.


Clothing for babies and toddlers may be small in size but it can come with hefty price tags. Much to the frustration of parents, children often outgrow clothing as quickly as parents buy it. To find deals on clothing, from onesies to shirts and shorts to bibs, you can go online and visit such websites as and Search for printable coupons or for online coupon codes that you can use at various stores. Both of those sites also categorize the coupons by “active” and “expired,” saving parents from having to read the fine print.

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