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Nitrogen-Filled Tires Save Money and the Environment

November 15, 2012

Dad Checking Tire PressureWith gas prices across the country nearing $5 a gallon, its little surprise that motorists are looking for any way possible to save money when they hit the roads. One way to do this? Consider  using nitrogen filled tires for your car.

As CarsDirect reports, cars get better mileage when their tires are filled with nitrogen. That’s because  nitrogen filled tires don’t bleed air pressure as quickly as do those filled with compressed air. This is important today; tires that are properly filled generate better gas mileage. At the same time, drivers won’t have to repair or replace their tires as often. Tires are more likely to suffer wear-and-tear when they are not inflated properly.

The Get Nitrogen Institute estimates that motorists who drive 15,500 miles a year in a city in which the average gas price is $4 a gallon, would save an average of $172.93 a year by using nitrogen-filled tires. These savings come from increased mileage and a boost in tire life.

CarsDirect also reports that nitrogen is a greener alternative than compressed air. Because nitrogen-filled tires tend not to wear out as quickly, drivers who use nitrogen won’t need new tires as often. This lowers the amount of natural resources required to keep vehicles on the highway.

Motorists should be warned, though, that it costs more money to fill tires with nitrogen. CarsDirect says that it costs an average of $5 to fill each tire with nitrogen. Motorists will have to determine on their own if the benefits of nitrogen outweigh this cost.


Sources:, Get Nitrogen Institute

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