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With work, family and finances, modern parenting can sometimes feel like a juggling act. The Gerber Life parenting blog gives parents advice and tips to help you take on today-and plan for tomorrow. Our parenting blog offers articles on saving money, college planning, family insurance, parenting tips and health and safety. Although we may not be able to manage your retirement account, drive your all-star athlete to practice, or cook your family's favorite three-cheese lasagna, our parenting blog can provide you with ideas, advice and tips so that you can focus on what matters most: raising healthy, happy kids. We invite you to join the conversation and enjoy our parenting blog.

  1. 7 Truths about Being a Parent: How Your World Changes When You Have Kids

    messy child in high chairNo matter how many parenting books you may read or how many people you may ask for advice, nothing can fully prepare you for becoming a parent. Think back to before you had children and to what your life was like, and to how different your life is now.

    If you could go back in time to tell yourself what you would experience after your child was born – the truth about becoming a parent – what would you say?

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  2. 4 Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make with Your Kids

    Girl with homemade ValentineWhat better way to celebrate the “holiday of love” than by spending time with the people you love!

    The following fun and simple crafts and activities for Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful way to share quality time with your kids. Afterward, be sure to head to our Facebook page to share photos of your children’s creations and of your little ones.

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  3. How to Thwart a Tantrum in its Tracks

    Crying toddlerUnfortunately, temper tantrums tend to be a fact of life when you are a parent of a toddler. Your child could be completely happy one minute, and in the next minute have a virtual total meltdown.

    While tantrums can often test a parent’s patience, consider your child’s situation. Tantrums can be caused by a number of factors, such as the inability of your child to communicate what he or she is feeling, because he or she doesn’t yet know the words; trying to assert independence, which is completely natural for toddlers; or feeling hungry, tired, over stimulated or simply bored.

    Tantrums are inevitable, so here are some tips for handling a toddler’s tantrums without losing your cool.

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  4. It’s Never Too Late to Achieve Your Dreams

    six people who prove age isn't a barrier to successIf you think that it’s too late to achieve your dreams, think again. Age shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving a goal or fulfilling a dream.

    Remember, what applies to kids also applies to adults: Kids often learn best from example, and so showing a child how to work toward what he or she wants in life, and to not give up when the going gets challenging, can be a great lesson.

    The example set by these six real-life entrepreneurs – Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ray Croc of McDonald’s, television personality Joy Behar, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, and Tim and Nina Zagat of the Zagat restaurant guides and ratings – illustrate why success does not have an age limit.

    Although your goal may not be to start a major global franchise or become a star in another way, the stories of these six men and women are inspiring.

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  5. Avoiding Common College Application Mistakes

    Girl working on college applicationsApplying for college can be one of the most important undertakings that students do in their young lives. However, because of such factors as inattention, carelessness and rushing, college application mistakes are common. They often can be avoided through patience, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and a serious determination “to do my best.”

    Below are tips for avoiding some of the most common college application mistakes. We encourage you to share it with any college-bound students in your life.

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