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With work, family and finances, modern parenting can sometimes feel like a juggling act. The Gerber Life parenting blog gives parents advice and tips to help you take on today-and plan for tomorrow. Our parenting blog offers articles on saving money, college planning, family insurance, parenting tips and health and safety. Although we may not be able to manage your retirement account, drive your all-star athlete to practice, or cook your family's favorite three-cheese lasagna, our parenting blog can provide you with ideas, advice and tips so that you can focus on what matters most: raising healthy, happy kids. We invite you to join the conversation and enjoy our parenting blog.

  1. How Well Does Your Child Share?

    How Well Does Your Child Share - QuizYour children are in the living room playing when you hear one exclaim, “That’s mine!” – followed by sounds of scuffling and then crying. It can be frustrating to continuously have to tell your children to share with one another, as well as with other children. But it’s worth the effort.

    Sharing is a critical social skill that can help your child build relationships later in life. Being a role model and showing your child how to share is the best way for them to learn this important skill.

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  2. Six Ways to Teach Your Child to Be Grateful During the Holidays

    Mother and daughter wrapping a presentTeaching a child to be grateful can be one of the hardest concepts that you have to instill as a parent. Children are not born grateful; it’s something that they learn over time.

    Learning gratitude allows children to become sensitive to other peoples’ feelings. A grateful child or young adult has empathy for people less fortunate and are able to put themselves in another person’s shoes.

    Not only does teaching your child gratitude give him or her necessary life skills, but a 2003 study conducted by the University of California at Davis found that grateful people are happier and have lower levels of depression and stress.

    Wondering how to teach a child to be grateful? The holiday season presents a great opportunity. Here are six ways to instill gratitude in your child during the holidays:

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  3. Halloween Quiz: How Fearful a Parent Are You?

    How Fearful Are You QuizIf you’re a first-time parent, you probably worry about your child. It’s only natural: You want to keep your son or daughter safe. That desire might lead you to go a little overboard at times, from repeatedly checking on your baby throughout the night to triple-washing his or her pacifier after it falls to the ground.

    It’s good to remember that your child, from an early age, takes cues from your behavior. A child whose parents struggle with anxiety is two to seven times more likely to develop an anxiety disorder themselves, notes Golda Ginsburg, a psychologist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who studies childhood anxiety.

    How can you get a grip on your parenting fears? Start by evaluating them.

    This fun Halloween quiz, although not science-based, can help parents to assess how fearful they are and to find tips on how to conquer those fears:

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  4. How Physically Fit Is Your Family?

    Family Fitness Quiz Overall ImageAs a parent, you want your child to be healthy and happy. Yet, obesity impacts one in six children and adolescents in the United States, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2015.

    How to inspire your son or daughter to adopt healthy habits? Lead by example.

    Family Health & Fitness Day is Sept. 24, 2016 – what better time to tally your family’s health and fitness? Take this quiz to find out how you’re doing, and for some tips on how your family unit can grow even stronger.

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  5. How Well Do You Remember Lessons Learned in Elementary School?

    Elementary School QuizDo you sometimes struggle when helping your younger children with their homework?

    During grade school, children are taught the foundations of core subjects, such as reading, writing, math and science. If you’re like many parents, there was probably a time in your life when you knew all the parts of speech or had all of your multiplication tables memorized.

    Of the many lessons learned in elementary school, how much do you actually remember?

    Take our quiz below for a fun look at how well you’ve retained what you were taught:

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