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With work, family and finances, modern parenting can sometimes feel like a juggling act. The Gerber Life parenting blog gives parents advice and tips to help you take on today-and plan for tomorrow. Our parenting blog offers articles on saving money, college planning, family insurance, parenting tips, living green, and health and safety. Although we may not be able to manage your retirement account, drive your all-star athlete to practice, or cook your family's favorite three-cheese lasagna, our parenting blog can provide you with ideas, advice and tips so that you can focus on what matters most: raising healthy, happy kids. We invite you to join the conversation and enjoy our parenting blog.

  1. How Grandparents and Grandkids Benefit from Time with Each Other

    Grandchild coloring a picture with her grandparentsParents treasure and love spending time with their grandkids. It often brings them back to the time when you were a child, and to fond memories they created with you. However, did you know that spending time with grandchildren might also benefit your parents’ health?

    A study conducted by the Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia found that post-menopausal women who spend time taking care of grandkids lower their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders. The study, published in the October 2014 edition of Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society, assessed the cognition of 186 women. Based on a series of tests, the study reported that the highest cognitive scores were seen in participants who looked after their grandchildren for one day per week.

    In turn, grandchildren can help their grandparents in a number of other remarkable ways. We’ve put together our own list of how grandkids may help to improve the lives of their grandparents – and vice versa:

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  2. Finding Paid Internships to Prep Young Adults for Their Dream Job

    Female business intern in meetingIt can be hard for a young adult to land a job in a chosen field without having had relevant work experience. One of the best ways to build a résumé and work skills is through internships. How to be sure that an internship will assist one’s career? A National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey found that 65 percent of college grads working in paid internships were likely to receive a full-time job offer.

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  3. Ways to Cut Everyday Costs

    Money going down a drainIf a treasure chest full of money were hidden in your home, would you look for it? Undoubtedly. Well, here’s some good news: There is a treasure chest! Sort of. It may not be a physical treasure chest, but there are probably costs that could be cut from your monthly spending. For example, you might be holding onto an old way of doing things that’s costing you more money since it’s easy and comfortable, or maybe you simply weren’t aware of any alternatives. Here are some ways to cut costs in monthly spending from telecom and other areas:

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  4. Is Your Teen Ready for His or Her First Job?

    Teen working at movie theaterBy working outside of the home, high school students can develop real-world experience, independence, time management skills and responsibility, as well as earn money. Is your teen ready for a job? Following are some surefire signs:

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  5. Fun Ways to Teach Children About Finance

    Child holding dollar by piggy bankTried-and-true ways for teaching kids about money range from paying your children an allowance, to buying them a piggy bank, to opening a savings account with them. If you have used any or all of those methods or are currently using them, by all means continue doing so — they’re excellent strategies.

    However, not all children are automatically drawn to the subject of money, so you might find that your child is not as interested as you had hoped. For such children, a parent often needs to be a bit more creative and to come up with fun ideas for helping them to understand money.

    If that is the case for your child, consider these fun ideas for teaching kids about money:

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