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With work, family and finances, modern parenting can sometimes feel like a juggling act. The Gerber Life parenting blog gives parents advice and tips to help you take on today-and plan for tomorrow. Our parenting blog offers articles on saving money, college planning, family insurance, parenting tips and health and safety. Although we may not be able to manage your retirement account, drive your all-star athlete to practice, or cook your family's favorite three-cheese lasagna, our parenting blog can provide you with ideas, advice and tips so that you can focus on what matters most: raising healthy, happy kids. We invite you to join the conversation and enjoy our parenting blog.

  1. 10 Questions to Help Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Partner

    couple spending quality time togetherDespite what fairy tales may have led us to believe, love isn’t all fireworks and fantasy. Successful marriages require work and time. Everyone gives and receives love differently, so it’s essential to really know your partner and understand what satisfies him or her emotionally. You can learn different techniques to make your relationship stronger, but each has the same foundation: open and ongoing communication.

    How to communicate more effectively? Start by asking questions and by truly listening to – not just hearing – your partner’s answers.

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  2. Teaching Your Child about Healthy Relationships with Others

    toddler sharing an apple with momPlaying well with others is an essential life skill that starts in toddlerhood and lasts long past, when the toys are replaced by activities, work and daily life. What’s a good way to teach your child about healthy relationships with other people? Be a good friend to those around you and treat strangers with courtesy and respect.

    Here are four tips:

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  3. Transitioning Back to Your Day Job After Maternity Leave

    Mom and Baby BoyReturning to work after maternity leave can be difficult and filled with mixed emotions, even for the most organized of moms. Finding a good caregiver, adjusting to your previous work schedule, and getting yourself and baby ready each morning are just some of the challenges that many new moms face. With a little planning, you can be back on top of your game in no time. Below are a few tips to help make your transition back to work seamless, for both you and your newborn.

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  4. Ways to Save Money on College Expenses

    Mother Helping Son with HomeworkMany families save, plan and try to do everything right, but when it comes time to send their children to college and to dig into their save-for-college fund, many families also quickly realize that they haven’t saved enough. In addition to setting aside money for your child’s college education, there are ways to stretch the college purse strings to make the most of every nickel and dime. Here are some:

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  5. Baby Talk is Much More than Babble

    Baby talk – the soft gurgles, squeals and sounds that babies make before they utter their first words – plays an important role in babies’ language development. Scientists say that parents can help their babies to develop language skills by talking to them.

    In a recent study conducted at the University of Washington, scientists played a recorded series of syllables, similar to that of “baby talk” for babies between 7 and 11 months old, and found that the babies’ brain activity surged as a result.

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