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With work, family and finances, modern parenting can sometimes feel like a juggling act. The Gerber Life parenting blog gives parents advice and tips to help you take on today-and plan for tomorrow. Our parenting blog offers articles on saving money, college planning, family insurance, parenting tips and health and safety. Although we may not be able to manage your retirement account, drive your all-star athlete to practice, or cook your family's favorite three-cheese lasagna, our parenting blog can provide you with ideas, advice and tips so that you can focus on what matters most: raising healthy, happy kids. We invite you to join the conversation and enjoy our parenting blog.

  1. Can e-Books Be Bad for Reading Comprehension?

    Young Girl Reading a BookThey could be. A few recent studies indicate that e-books may negatively affect reading comprehension due to the very things that attract kids, including audio and animation. All of this interaction, The New York Times reports, can disrupt reading fluidity and interfere with reading comprehension.

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  2. Breaking the Junk Food Addiction

    Teenage Boys Eating Junk FoodAn epidemic has been spreading among American children for more than 30 years: childhood obesity. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately one in three children are overweight, and 18 percent of all children between ages 6 and 19 are classified as obese. A lack of physical activity is part of the problem, but access to junk food also plays a major role in weight gain.

    If your kids are hooked on empty-calorie or sugar-filled foods, there are some ways you can break unhealthy habits and set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle:

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  3. Should Earning Potential Determine Your Child’s Major?

    teenage girl holding paperFor some students, choosing a college major is one of the most difficult decisions to make; akin to the timeless question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a parent, you want your child to choose an area of study that he or she will be passionate about and that will lead to great prospects for employment.

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  4. Summer Mini-Vacations: Budget-Friendly Day Trips and Short Trips for the Next Family Adventure

    family bikingFor families with kids, summer can be long, and hot and – say it with us – borrrrring. Though – if you plan accordingly – you don’t have to spend a lot of time or a lot of money to create a summer full of fun family adventure. Make memories this summer and do some crucial family bonding with a “mini” vacation, perfect for families with kids.

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  5. Waiver of Premium Rider

    Doctor Caring for PatientA safety net to a Gerber Life Whole Life Policy for those who become totally disabled.

    If you’ve decided to buy life insurance, you have a lot to think about. What type of policy should you buy? How much should you budget to pay for the policy? What amount of coverage will you need to protect your family?

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