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Simple Ways to Fit Volunteering at Your Child’s School into Your Schedule

November 4, 2015

Parent with flashcards at schoolYoung children can find it exciting to see mom or dad in the classroom, and teachers are always looking for parent volunteers in schools. Volunteering at your child’s school is a great way to show your children how much you value their education and to be involved in what’s going on at school. It can be lots of fun, and there is no shortage of opportunities.

For busy parents, however, it can be challenging to find the time. Consider these simple ways to make volunteering at your child’s school fit into your busy schedule:

    • Be a guest reader for a class. If you’re able to block off as little as 30 minutes during school hours, ask your child’s teacher about becoming an occasional guest reader for a class. For example, you could select your child’s favorite book and share it with his or her class, or the teacher could select a book.


    • Help chaperone a school field trip. If your work hours aren’t flexible, consider taking a vacation day to help chaperone a field trip. Field trips provide an exceptional opportunity to experience something new with your child and to build a lasting memory.


    • Help chaperone a school dance. If volunteering during the day is out of the question, perhaps you’d be able to help chaperone evening events, such as a school dance.


    • Participate in PTA activities. If you want to know what’s going on at your child’s school, join the Parent Teacher Association. Depending on the school, the PTA may meet once a month and be very involved with fundraising events throughout the year. If you volunteer to help with a fundraiser or other program, make sure that you understand the expectations and time commitment involved.


    • Help out with extracurricular programs. If your child participates in after-school sports or clubs, contact the coach or club organizer to learn how you could help. From offering transportation services to donating equipment, your assistance can go a long way.


  • Initiate a beautification or cleanup event. Discuss with the school’s principal or PTA the possibility to devote a Saturday for beautifying the school and the campus, such as picking up litter, planting trees, painting classrooms, or attending to whatever the school needs. Invite other parents, students and community members to participate.
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