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Splurge or Squirrel Away: What’s Your Personal Money-Management Style?

July 15, 2016

Personal Money Management QuizMost people know the importance of putting money aside for a rainy day or for future expenses yet have different ways of approaching financial responsibility.

In managing your money, do you often have the urge to splurge or to feed your piggy bank, or to always look for ways to spend less and to squirrel away bucks for a goal?

It’s time to pony up, not play ostrich. Take our quiz below for a look at your style of managing your personal finances:

What do your retirement savings consist of?

What do you find is the best way for you to save money?

What do you do when you receive an unsolicited credit card in the mail?

How often do you make an impulse purchase?

How often do you take your lunch to work?

You receive a small inheritance from a loved one. What do you do with the cash?

What do you consider one of your biggest hurdles in managing money?

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