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Places to Take Dad for Father’s Day

June 15, 2015

Dad’s baseball cap and gloveFor the upcoming Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21, why not think “outside of the box” by giving dad something other than a standard item like tie, cologne or tools? Instead of buying him something, why not take him somewhere? If you’re not sure where to take him, keep it fun, uncomplicated, nearby and inexpensive (since he probably wouldn’t expect an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii).

Here are some fun and affordable Father’s Day ideas:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

For a dad who is a sports fan, perhaps there’s no better outing than a trip to watch a local or favorite sports team. Check the sports schedule to see which team is playing what, when and where. If your dad loves baseball, he’ll probably love sitting outdoors and eating a hotdog or pretzel while taking in one of America’s favorite pastimes. If your father is a big fan of another sport or if there’s no game scheduled nearby on or around Father’s Day, then find out when his favorite team will come to town, and buy tickets for that game instead. Or, if your father is a fan of a sport that takes place in another state or in a country other than the U.S., find out where he and you will be able to watch a game on TV, and then organize a “watch party” for the event.

Surprise Reservations

Take Dad to his favorite restaurant for a Father’s Day breakfast or brunch. If he’s the adventurous type, skip his favorite restaurant, do some research and select a restaurant that’s off the beaten path. Pick one that has good reviews and offers something that he’s never tried before.

Somewhere Under the Stars

Maybe your dad is an outdoorsy person who enjoys hiking or camping under the stars. If so, a trip to a national park, wilderness sanctuary or nature preserve might make an ideal Father’s Day gift. If there are none nearby, your dad would probably enjoy a trip to a zoo or botanical garden just as much, or a night of camping with you under the stars in your backyard.

Wherever you may take your dad for Father’s Day, plan to spend quality time with him. After all, that’s what he probably would like most.

Happy Father’s Day!

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