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Preparing Your Child for the First Field Trip

March 12, 2014

Mother With Daughter at School Bus StopYour child’s first field trip is an exciting event, both for you and your little one. However, it can also be frightening for your child especially if he or she isn’t used to going to places without a parent. To ease your child’s anxiety and ensure that he or she has good memories, prepare for the trip by using these simple tips:

Discuss the Plan

Ideally, your child’s teacher will have given you the details about the day’s activities well in advance. If the teacher hasn’t given you an itinerary, request a copy before the trip. To let your child know exactly what to expect on the big day, guide him or her through the itinerary, step-by-step. Be sure to tell your child how long each part of the trip will last, what activities are planned, and how the teacher will expect the students to behave during each activity.

Pack a Bag

Depending on the kind of field trip your child is taking, you may need to pack a lunch, coat, sunglasses, or other gear. Ask your child to help you by collecting items or placing them in the bag, and be sure to explain why you are packing each item. Because you will have involved your child in this process, he or she will know exactly what you have packed, where it is located in the bag, and what it will be used for on the trip.

Talk about Safety

If you’re not going on the field trip with your child, it’s important to discuss safety concerns beforehand. Remind your child that the teacher and other chaperones will be in charge during the trip, and tell him or her to listen to what they say and to follow all of their instructions. Let your child know that, should there be a problem during the trip, he or she needs to find the nearest teacher or chaperone and ask for help. If your child has to take any medications while on the field trip, let him or her know that the teacher will have the medicine and will administer it at the appropriate time. Finally, encourage your child to be attentive and to stay with the group at all times.

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