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How to Guard Against Motion Sickness

December 8, 2015

Child sitting in the backseat of a carMany people experience some kind of motion sickness. Car sickness and sea sickness, for example, are common kinds that both children and adults can experience.

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of motion sickness can strike suddenly and can quickly progress from a queasy, uneasy feeling in the stomach to a cold sweat, dizziness and vomiting, in some cases. Often, motion sickness can subside as soon as the motion stops, but by then the “damage” has been done.

There are ways for lessening the likelihood of motion sickness and for alleviating the symptoms. Here are some from the Mayo Clinic:

  • When traveling, book seats or position yourself where motion is felt the least. In an airplane, this is over the front edge of a wing. In a car, it’s either the driver’s seat or the front passenger’s seat. On a train, sit near the front of the train and next to a window, facing forward. On a boat or ship, request a cabin toward the bow (front) or in the middle, or on the upper deck.
  • Avoid spicy and greasy foods and alcohol.
  • Don’t overeat before departure.
  • Focus on a distant and stationary object.
  • Don’t read.
  • Rest your head against the back of a seat; this will keep your head still.
  • To calm your stomach, eat crackers or drink a carbonated beverage.

Medications, whether over-the-counter or prescription, have been known to help some people with motion sickness. Before taking anything or giving anything to a child, however, you should consult your physician.

For some people, another way to guard against possible sea sickness is to maintain center of gravity by bending one knee and shifting the bent knee from knee to knee with the roll of the boat, all the while keeping one’s head, shoulders and torso straight up.

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