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Regular Exercise Offers More Than Just Physical Benefits

July 15, 2011

Regular exercise physical benefitsThe physical benefits of regular exercise are obvious. However, you’ll enjoy additional bonuses outside your dazzling annual physical exam.

Some of the lesser recognized benefits are just as important as the physical quality of your body, effective weight management and control, and cardiovascular development. Understanding some of these extra features should help motivate you to adopt a regular exercise program, however modest, that fits your lifestyle. Regular exercise—

  • Brightens your personality. After a long day at work or facing other issues, your mood and naturally sunny personality can suffer. However, a gym visit or just a long walk will clear away the clouds and restore your positive personality.
  • Minimizes stress. Whether your stress is from career, budget, or health issues, regular exercise reduces this condition, stimulating beneficial chemicals in your brain and relaxing your body.
  • Helps prevent many chronic diseases. If you’re concerned about osteoporosis, high blood pressure, arthritis, or other chronic diseases, you’ll be pleased to learn that exercising increases “good cholesterol,” reduces triglycerides, and helps your immune system prevent many forms of chronic maladies.
  • Increases your energy quotient. Even an “average” day’s worth of necessary activities can cripple your energy level. You might think that vigorous exercise would further reduce your reserve energy. Wrong. Exercise actually increases your energy quotient by promoting better blood flow, releasing welcome brain chemicals, and stimulating your muscles and body.
  • Helps you sleep soundly and easily. Low energy levels, stress, age, depression, and other factors can challenge your ability to fall and stay in a rejuvenating deep sleep. Daily exercise, however, promotes sound, restful sleep. But—try to avoid vigorous exercise close to bedtime, as you may be so energy-filled that falling asleep quickly may be an exercise in futility. Otherwise, give your brain and body the recharge they crave and sleep well.
  • Restores focus on intimacy. If physical intimacy problems were judged by the number of TV and radio ads being aired, an alien visitor would think this was a national health epidemic. Yet, the stresses of modern day life can, and do affect the focus of both men and women. However, regular exercise often energizes your psyche along with your improving body. This often refocuses people on the enjoyment and beauty of physical intimacy.
  • Becomes a fun activity. While many couch potatoes protest the work involved in daily exercise, avoiding risk of disease or weight gain motivates even sedentary types. Most are totally surprised by one feature of regular exercise: it’s great fun! Even something elementary, as when you exercise with your baby or take a stroll around your neighborhood, usually becomes a totally enjoyable experience.
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