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August 27, 2013

School-Age Child With Her FamilyFamily togetherness can get out of sync during the school year. Parents often work harder and longer to pay for the extra expenses associated with school. Children’s schedules and activities often have them running in many different directions.

Before the school year kicks into high gear, take a few moments to relax and have some fun. Test your knowledge about school-related milestones in this quiz:

1.  The eye-popping dress, tailored tuxedo and stretch limo are some of the elements of a perfect prom night. What was the average dollar amount spent in the United States in 2013 to attend a high school prom?
a) $552 b) $790 c) $1,139 d) $1,426

2. Spring break is a time-honored tradition among college students. The 1960s movie “Where the Boys Are” helped popularize students’ spring flings. Which Florida locale was the setting for the film?
a) Fort Lauderdale b) Panama City c) Miami d) Sarasota

3. The iconic sports event of the high school year is the Thanksgiving Day football game, fueling great rivalries. The two high schools involved in the oldest such rivalry are in which state?
a) Massachusetts b) Connecticut c) Michigan d) Texas

4. Graduation day is the culmination of students’ hard work. Which state has the highest high school graduation rate?
a) New York b) Oregon c) North Dakota d) Iowa

5. School reunions are a time for sharing memories and re-establishing ties forged in the classroom. Where was the largest high school reunion on record?
a) San Diego, California b) Little Rock, Arkansas c) Tacoma, Washington d) Houston, Texas


1.  c. According to a survey by the Visa credit card company, the 2013 nationwide average for prom spending was $1,139, a 5 percent increase over the $1,078 spent in 2012. Spending on proms was highest in the Northeast and lowest in the Midwest, according to the survey.

2.  a. The college students in “Where the Boys Are” found sunny beaches and romance in Fort Lauderdale.

3.  a. It’s widely believed that the oldest public high school football rivalry is in Massachusetts, between Needham High School and Wellesley High School. The teams played their first Turkey Day game in 1882.

4.  d. High school graduation rates among states vary by year. For the 2010-2011 school year, the most recent period for which federal statistics are available, Iowa tops the list. According to the U.S. Department of Education, Iowa had an 88 percent graduation rate, with Wisconsin and Vermont sharing second place at 87 percent each.

5.  c. According to Guinness World Records, the largest school reunion involved 3,299 alumni of Stadium High School in Tacoma, Washington, who attended the school’s centennial reunion in 2006.

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