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Shape Up While You Shop — 5 Simple Steps!

March 18, 2013

Couple Walking Up StairsExercise on the go

If you’ve ever said “I don’t have time to exercise,” be forewarned. If you read this article, that excuse will go away. You see, you’re about to learn 5 super simple ways that moms, dads, grandmas, and granddads can exercise on the go by turning their shopping trips into workouts.

Are you ready? If not, think about this: The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services says people who participate in moderate-intensity or vigorous-intensity physical activity on a regular basis lower their risk of developing coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and colon cancer by 30-50 percent. Additionally, active people have lower premature death rates than people who are the least active.

Let’s find out which of the following ideas work for you!

1.    Turn a bad parking spot into a good one. We’ve all known people (maybe you’re one of them) who circle the parking lot looking for the spot…the one closest to the entrance…the one that makes them say, “Look at this awesome parking spot! I’m supposed to go shopping today!” Well, the next time you see that spot, keep driving so you can find a space that requires you to walk at least 200 feet. That’s about 20 parking spaces or 70 steps.

2.    Get to the store faster. OK. You’ve taken our advice and parked farther away from your destination. Now it’s time to exercise on the go by getting your heart and feet moving at a faster pace. On your way to the entrance, walk fast enough to feel a little out of breath by the time you pull the door handle. And once you get inside …

3.    Say “Yes” to the stairs. When you’re out and about, how many times do you choose the stairs over the escalator or elevator? Not often, right? And you know why? Because walking up stairs takes effort and energy. But that effort and energy gets your legs moving and your heart pumping … especially if you’re carrying what you’ve bought. So, the next time your heart says “Take the escalator,” do it a favor and take the stairs instead.

4.    Stay on your toes. What’s worse than seeing a long line at checkout? Not standing in it! Count your blessings when you have to wait…you have a great opportunity to get some exercise. How? By doing heel lifts. This simple exercise of repeatedly standing on your toes and then coming back down is an easy way to get your heart moving when the line isn’t.

5.    One bag at a time. You’ve parked farther away, walked faster, took the stairs and stayed on your toes … now it’s time for one more on the go exercise to finish your shopping workout. Instead of carrying your bags in all at once, make multiple trips from the car to the front door.

Oh, and when you call your friends to talk about the steals and deals you scored, make sure you’re not sitting. Standing burns more calories!

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