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Shopping Online for Life Insurance

September 22, 2014

young adults using a computer to purchase life insuranceMany people find that shopping online is convenient and easy. You can buy a wide range of products and services on the Internet, from clothes to cars to even life insurance! In fact, many companies will provide free online life insurance quotes and calculators, allowing you to quickly find information that can help you choose what may work best for you.

To help you make sure that your personal information remains secure while shopping online for the life insurance, here are some things to remember:



  1.  Your contact information could be shared with insurance companies when you use comparison sites.

If a website that provides life insurance quotes from various companies requires you to enter your contact information, the website could then share your information with agents or insurance companies who may contact you.

  1. A life insurance company does not need your Social Security number to provide an online life insurance quote.

Check the website’s privacy policy if you have questions about how it will use your contact information.

  1. Online quotes aren’t exact.

Online quotes are simply estimates. Once you decide on a life insurance policy, you’ll need to submit a more detailed application to the insurance company. They’ll send you a formal, final quote after they have approved your application. To receive a more precise insurance quote more quickly, contact the insurance company directly from the start.

  1.  Not all life insurance companies are equal.

Look into the company’s reputation and ratings, and make sure that it is financially sound.

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  1.  Talking with an advisor is often best.

Generally, you’ll get a better idea of which options best fit your needs by talking with a life insurance agent who can assess your personal situation. Shopping online may be helpful when gathering information initially, but many online tools are not all-encompassing. For example, if you don’t know how much insurance you may need, you can use an online life insurance calculator such as this one from Yahoo! Finance to get a general idea. However, an in-person life insurance agent will be better able to assess your personal circumstances.

To learn more about Gerber Life insurance, request an online life insurance quote, read reviews, and even apply for a Gerber Life insurance policy, click here or call (800) 704-2180. Our helpful representatives will be glad to give you personal guidance.

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