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Six Gifts That Won’t Clutter a Home

November 8, 2014

six gift ideas for any occasion

Winter is approaching and with it comes the season of gift giving. That doesn’t mean you have to give friends and loved ones more “stuff,” however. In fact, giving less “stuff” can mean more to the people on your gift list. Here are some affordable gift ideas for all ages, and which keep on giving and won’t cause clutter:


1. Experiences

Giving the gift of an experience is much more memorable and often longer lasting than a knickknack or toy. Whether giving an ongoing experience such as music or karate lessons, or a one-time adventure such as a weekend road trip, the memories of the experience can last a lifetime. If you want to give something to a child that a parent can also experience, consider a membership in a zoo or local children’s museum. If memberships don’t fit into your budget, purchase a one-time pass.

2. Choice

For people on your gift list who might be a little picky or who may be on a strict budget, give the gift of choice through a gift card. Whether it’s a gift card for their favorite clothing store or a gas card for a friend with a long commute, the recipient will think of you when they redeem the gift card and will no doubt be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

3. Memories

If you’d like to get in touch with your creative side this holiday season, consider making a scrapbook, photo book or personalized calendar for your friends or family. They will feel loved, knowing that you put time and effort into the creation of the gift, and will gain a fun way to reminisce. This can be an especially good idea for grandparents or relatives and friends who may not live nearby.

4. Treats

A great way to get into the holiday spirit and give a gift that won’t clutter is to bake cookies or other holiday treats. Make a large quantity at once and give them to co-workers or to your children’s teachers. You may even be lucky enough to have a little left over for yourself. Here are some great and inexpensive dessert recipes that you may want to try.

5. Gift of the Month

Give a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. A magazine subscription, or something more personal such as a coupon for a date night or for a meal of their choice once a month, will have your gift recipient looking forward to something all year-round and thinking of you each time they enjoy it.

6. Gifts that Do Good

For a gift with real meaning this holiday season, offer to contribute to a loved one’s college fund, or to plant a tree in someone’s name, or to volunteer at your recipient’s favorite charity. It’s a great way to let family and friends know that you care about them, without adding extra clutter to their home.

Keep these gift ideas in mind as you do your shopping this year. Your clutter-free gift will be appreciated.

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