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The Best Parenting Blogs and Tips On Starting Your Own

September 10, 2012

Couple Writing a Parenting Blog on LaptopStarting a family is an especially exciting time, but settling into parenting can find moms and dads feeling overwhelmed and wondering how other parents manage. While the reasons for starting a parenting blog can be as diverse as the individuals who started them, each parenting blog serves a loyal group of readers who look to them for practical advice, humor, encouragement and a sense of community.

Heather Armstrong broke ground with her popular parenting blog Dooce where she shared with the world her tales of raising her daughter Leta and her photogenic fur babies Chuck and Coco. She also spoke openly about tough topics like postpartum depression, which she suffered (but recovered) from. Greek Tragedy began as Stephanie Klein’s therapeutic outlet for dealing with a difficult divorce and subsequent remarriage. The Pioneer Woman outlines the very interesting relationship between herself, a city girl left the bright lights of the city to settle into a cattle ranch with her cowboy husband.

Motherhood Later… Than Sooner serves as a resource and community for mothers who began their families later in life. Other community sites that tend to be news-oriented and informative: The Juggle which is the Wall Street Journal’s blog on work/life balance; Please Stop The Roller Coaster, a blog aimed at parents of teenagers, and On Parenting, the Washington Post’s parenting blog.

Popular daddy blog was started by downsized computer professional John Dadlez, the stay-at-home father of four. Dadlez’s blog chronicles everyday life, but gives an interesting look at multiple birth families (Dadlez and his wife have triplets). Matt, Liz and Madeleine was established by Matt Logelin as a way of spreading the joy of their first-born, Madeleine. However, Matt’s wife Liz died suddenly a day after Madeleine’s birth, so the blog has turned into a touching chronicle of Matt’s journey into raising his very young daughter all alone.

With the wide variety of parenting blogs available, one thing is sure: finding community, inspiration and parenting advice is right as close as your fingertips.



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